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Matched pair of spare 6Ж51P (6Z51P) vacuum tubes

Matched pair of spare 6Ж51P (6Z51P) vacuum tubes

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One (1) matched pair of 6Ж51P (6Z51P or 6J51P) vacuum tubes for the Shortest Way 51+ amplifier.

Order will include two (2) individual matched tubes. Exact appearance, factory stamps, production dates, and other minor details may vary between pairs or between tubes in an individual pair. Tubes will measure as or very close to NOS (new old stock).


Fall and Winter 2022/2023: Due to an extremely limited availability of vacuum tubes from Russia at this time, spare tubes will only be sold to North American customers buying an amplifier or who have previously purchased an SW51+ amplifier from Zampotech North America or Zampotech directly in Russia. This is to ensure availability for as many customers as possible and to prevent reselling by third parties. This limitation will be removed once vacuum tubes from Russia are more readily available.

For customers who purchased an amplifier from Zampotech in Russia or for any other exceptions, please email customer support first. Order authorization will be granted on a case by case basis.

There will be also be a limit of one (1) pair of spare tubes per customer, per amplifier. ALL OTHER ORDERS OR ADDITIONAL TUBES BEYOND THE FIRST PAIR WILL BE CANCELLED MINUS A $1.00 PROCESSING FEE.


This product contains nickel compounds within the vacuum tubes, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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