Warranty Terms and Limitations:

  • The Zampotech North America warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for 180 days from the date of delivery to the original owner or purchaser for any amplifier. Vacuum tubes purchased from Zampotech NA are warrantied for 90 days from the date of delivery. Warranty is not transferable.
  • Proof of purchase from the customer may be required to verify warranty coverage.
  • Zampotech NA reserves the right to determine if the buyer will need to pay shipping and associated costs on a case by case basis.

Warranty is not valid for the following:

  • The product has been used in inappropriate manner, including cases of misuse as described in the instruction manual.
  • Attempted use of the amplifier with improper or out of spec vacuum tubes or without vacuum tubes will void the warranty.
  • Any damage/s caused by vacuum tubes not supplied under warranty by Zampotech North America. ANY AND ALL TUBE ROLLING with tubes not supplied by Zampotech NA under warranty WILL BE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Additionally, use of warrantied vacuum tubes supplied by Zampotech NA in a defective amplifier resulting in additional damage to the amplifier or warrantied tubes will not be covered under warranty.
  • If the product has been modified or otherwise altered
  • Regular wear and tear, accidental damages, neglect, or other cases of user error.
  • The serial number is invalid or has otherwise been altered or removed.
  • The product was used in a commercial setting or for commercial purposes.
  • Additionally, while vacuum tubes are tested and paired before shipping, note that all vacuum tubes will inherently exhibit some degree of microphonics, even when new. Mild microphonics may result in very low levels of noise such as ringing when the tubes or amplifier are exposed to any external forces, movement, or vibration, even those resulting from regular usage. This is NOT covered under any kind of warranty due to it being an inherent property of a vacuum tube. However, if you believe your tube is microphonic beyond what is normal, please feel free to contact us so the issue can be addressed.

Additional rights may vary depending on your location.