About Us

Zampotech North America is the exclusive retailer and service provider for Z-ampo.tech Amplifiers from Russia in North America.

Beautiful sound is a wonder. It seems to straddle an impossibly small space between science, art, and a multitude of other human endeavors, barely eluding our grasp. Yet, on rare occasions, it seems so consistent and present that it’s an almost universally accessible experience. This happened the first time we heard a Z-ampo.tech amplifier and now, we hope to share the same wonder with you.

Lastly, although Zampotech means “military technician” in Russian and those involved with Zampotech in Russia and Zampotech North America are proud citizens of their respective nations, rest assured that we are not engaged in any current military or similarly sensitive activities. Our partnership focuses on sharing the joys and wonders of beautiful sound with the community and not on digging up the old hostilities of a bygone era.